Do You Feel
That You Can’t Meet Your Potential?

Confidence and Self-Esteem Counselling

Self-esteem and confidence are very important in our lives. Self-esteem represents your opinion about yourself; the value that you attribute to yourself and your attitude towards yourself.

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness is all about our ability to communicate to others our feelings, views and opinions, in an honest, open and direct way, but without violating other’s rights.

Anxiety and Stress Management

Anxiety is a very common and natural feeling that all of us experience when we encounter anything stressful or dangerous.

Self-Development Counselling

There are times when all of us feel the need to take care of our internal selves. You might have identified characteristics in yourself that don’t like and want to improve.

Employment Related Issues

Employment can be a source of personal and financial fulfilment, giving us a great sense of achievement.

Other Conditions Treated

Psychological therapy can be used for many different conditions and problems, some of which might overlap.