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Self-Development Counselling


Do you want to learn more about yourself?

Understand, Change or Improve certain elements of your behaviour or personality? Counselling for self -development can help you.


There are times when all of us feel the need to take care of our internal selves. You might have identified characteristics in yourself that don’t like and want to improve. You might sometimes not even be able to identify what it is that is preventing you from being happier, or what is stopping you from reaching your potential.

Self-development counselling helps you to understand: who you are; how and why you are the person that you are; where your strengths and limitations lie; and what your barriers are. Counselling helps you to identify the key factors that prevent you from achieving your potential and helps you to make the necessary changes to achieve your dreams.

Self-development is very much an explorative journey that helps you to learn more about yourself, but equally it helps you to make any changes that are necessary for you. For example, this might involve making a change in your career, or making improvements to your personal and social life, or to your health and fitness.

Common problems:

  • Work problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Lack of physical performance
  • Inability to reach goals


  • Feeling of emptiness
  • Feelings of dissatisfaction
  • Sadness
  • Low self esteem
  • Withdrawn and isolation
  • Apathy

How therapy can help

Some of the therapeutic elements include: having greater clarity and a better understanding of yourself and your current circumstances; acknowledging and removing emotional, mental and practical barriers; finding motivation by identifying your strengths and abilities; and setting realistic and achievable goals.

If you feel that you’re ready to increase self-awareness and learn more about yourself, contact me today.