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Panic Attacks


Are you experiencing unexpected episodes of intense fear and anxiety associated with physical symptoms?

You might suffer from panic attacks.


Panic attacks are the result of high levels of anxiety in combination with intense physical reactions such as increased heart palpitations, as well as, extreme emotional reaction, such as lack of control and fear of dying.

Panic attacks belong to anxiety disorders and unfortunately they are very common, more in women than in men. Social anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder are some other conditions that can create panic attacks.

Even though anxiety is an inevitable feeling that humans experience, panic attacks seems uncontrollable, unexpected, as if they occur out of the blue, with very intense reactions and they can be very scary. People who experienced a panic attack are usually terrified of having another one in the future. Panic attacks usually last between 5 to 20 minutes and even though they feel very frightening, they can not cause any harm.

Common symptoms:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Feelings of suffocation
  • Nausea
  • Shaking
  • Fear of dying
  • Increased anxiety for no obvious reason

How Therapy can help

When you experience a panic attack your body goes into the ‘fight or flight’ response. This is a natural response when you experience a threatening situation as your body gets ready to protect you from the danger in the environment

When a panic attack occurs, your body gets a ‘wrong’ message, as there is not really anything threatening around you. So you experience all the necessary symptoms that it a threatening situation could help you but when your ‘body’s alarm’ is triggered unnecessary, you experience a panic attack.

Cognitive Behaviour therapy (CBT) helps you to understand your body’s process, make a better sense of it and respond in a different way. Therapy focuses on understanding your physical symptoms, feelings and thoughts and react without fear in an anxious situation.

Occasionally, the use of medication can be helpful and in these cases a psychiatrist referral can be arranged.

If you want to live your life without the unexpected symptoms of panic attack call me today.