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Other Conditions Treated

Relationship Counselling

Are you having a fear of intimacy or difficulty communicating with your partner? These are some of the reason that relationship counselling can help.


Do you feel sad most of the time? Have you lost interest in everything in life? These might be signs of depression.

Anger Management

Do you feel that there are times that you want to scream or even hurt somebody? Do you feel that you are extremely irritated at times and want to lash out?

Marriage Counselling

Are you having difficulties in your marriage? Do you struggle to communicate with your partner or do you feel that your relationship is not as it was?

Divorce and Separation Counselling

You might feel unhappy for a long time but you might not know if this is expected in long term relationships or not.

Pre-Marital Counselling

Are you thinking of getting married? Counselling can help you create a stable foundation for your joined life

Binge Eating/Weight management

Do you find it difficult to resist chocolate? Do you feel overweight or maybe eat for the wrong reasons? Counselling can help.

Panic Attacks

Are you experiencing unexpected episodes of intense fear and anxiety associated with physical symptoms? You might suffer from panic attacks.