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Online / Telephone Therapy


Online / Telephone Therapy

  • Skype and telephone consultations are a very convenient way to access therapeutic help from anywhere you are.
  • Online and telephone session have the same psychological benefits with the face to face therapy.
  • Most of our clients chose online and telephone consultations for many reasons such as:
    • It limits the time and cost to travel
    • They can access high quality therapy from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere else
    • They have a mobility difficulty
    • They are depressed, have social anxiety or they are too shy
    • They do not have access to psychological help near their area

How therapy can help

Online therapy was a popular way of accessing treatment for a long time now mainly due to a very busy lifestyle that most individuals have. However, recently and as a result of COVID-19 people have become more familiar and felt more comfortable using this service.

In our clinic we are happy to offer a 10 free of charge introductory telephone consultation. In that way we give you the chance to decide on your own if this service is suitable for yourself and your needs.