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Marriage Counselling


Are you having difficulties in your marriage?

Do you struggle to communicate with your partner or do you feel that your relationship is not as it was?


Marriage between two people is an important personal investment. You start a relationship with somebody feeling so much in love, committed and believing that you are such a good match with each other that not many things can break the bond or change these feelings.

You commit to each other for better and worse but occasionally when the worse comes you find yourself being unprepared. Maybe you realise that you are not in love with this person any more and your sex life might not be excited. You might struggle dealing with the routine of everyday life that affects your relationship or even you might find out that your partner had an affair and you consider to separate. Many things can go wrong in a marriage that you might have never thought that you would have to experience, however, now, they might simply be your reality.

You might experience conflictual feelings about your partner. It is very understandable to feel confused or not knowing what is the best plan of action. You might have tried to resolve your difficulties between each other but either you might have not found the right solution or you might be too overwhelmed, angry or sad to even try.

Counselling can help in these and so many other cases with marriage difficulties as it offers you the space not only to talk to somebody who is unbiased and trustworthy but who can equally help you to clarify your feelings and thoughts and act accordingly.

Common symptoms:

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Lack of communication
  • Arguments/conflicts
  • Withdrawn
  • Loneliness, sadness and anxiety

How Therapy can help

Therapy is a safe environment to explore any possible issues that you might find difficulty in your relationship. You will get help identifying what the real problem is, how you can cope with your emotions, learning different ways to deal with them, as well as, practical ways to resolve the difficulties.

Some of the main areas that couple therapy is focused on are, improving the communication between the couple, learn how to understand each other’s perspectives, resolve sexual difficulties and improve your sex life, managing expectations and changes in roles, recognising unhelpful coping strategies and learn new ones, learning to negotiate and compromise etc.

In cases that relationships can’t be improved or saved, therapy will help you to come to terms with its termination and cope with the negative feelings that are associated with such a difficult situation. You might experience feelings of loss, disappointment, fear about the future, uncertainty or sadness. You might worry about finances and other practical difficulties. Any of these and so many other worries can be discussed discussed and practical support can be offered.

If you experience any of the above difficulties and you want to give your marriage a good opportunity of succeeding, do not hesitate to contact me.