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Employment Related Issues


Are you struggling

at work?


Employment can be a source of personal and financial fulfilment, giving us a great sense of achievement.

However, there are millions of people taking days off work every year due to stress, depression, bullying and harassment – with serious physical, emotional, relationship and financial consequences.

You might face different concerns and problems in your work place, such as a fear of giving a presentation, general job dissatisfaction, lack of confidence in changing your career, or even issues when facing redundancy.

How therapy can help

Collaboratively, we will explore the reasons behind your job dissatisfaction and find different coping strategies to deal with them. This might involve changing your thinking process and/or making some practical changes.

I have experience of working with a number of high profile people, from various industry sectors, who have demanding jobs with significant responsibilities and long hours.

Taking everything into consideration, my role is to help you achieve a better quality of life while meeting your expectations, and those that come with your job.

If you’re experiencing difficulties coping in a demanding job or have worries about your career, then contact me today.