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Couples Therapy


Couples Therapy

  • Couple’s therapy is taking place by both partners regardless of their gender and marital situation. Couples might experience problems in their relationship such as intimate, sexual and communication. Also, they might struggle to move on to the next stage such as moving in together, getting married, committed to each other, or having a family. Couple’s therapy is a safe place where couples can express their feelings, resolve problems, and grow together.
  • A very common problem between couples is the lack of communication. Frequently partners afraid to express their feelings, needs and desires for fear of hurting the other person’s feelings. Also, partners have wrong misconceptions about relationships, they might carry a baggage from previous relationship or even from their childhood. All of these common issues create many gaps in relationships, misunderstandings and conflicts that sometimes can create serious problems that can lead to separation.
  • Also, Couples therapy can have partners overcome and develop a better and more fulfilling sex life. Intimacy is a very important element in romantic relationships that frequently especially in long term relationships and with external factors such as a busy lifestyle and having young children, can he left at a side.
  • Other more serious problems such as erectile problems can also be discussed, and appropriate therapy can be used to help individuals at all ages to enjoy a more satisfying love life.