Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy (CBH)


Do you want to change your eating habits? Do you feel that you cannot resist sugary or fatty foods?

Are you embarrassed about giving speeches or presentations or about meeting new people?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then CBH can help.

What is Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is like being in a daydream, where your attention is focused on inner experiences such as thoughts, feelings and imagery. Hypnosis can pass the conscious and rational mind, where the bad habits, negative thoughts and responses are being held, so that the suggestions that are given can more easily quickly enter the conscious mind and be accepted as true.

Clients are able to believe, visualize, imagine and feel the positive changes as if they have already happened.

Hypnotherapy is a technique that can help clients change their feelings, thoughts and behavior quickly. It can help them to either stop a behavior, for example, binge eating or to enhance a behavior, for example acting more confidently. CBH combines hypnosis with the theory, applications, and principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Hypnosis is a very pleasurable and safe experience. We have all experienced natural states of hypnotic trances without even realizing it. For example, when we are absorbed in a film or when we are in a meeting, but our mind flies away to something else. These are both forms of self-hypnosis.

The benefits of Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy

  • Treatment is short.
  • Hypnosis enhances imagery. The clients can visualize, think and feel as if he has already achieved the desired outcome.
  • Client can easily and quickly identify deeply held negative or unhelpful beliefs and behaviors.
  • Hypnosis can be used to induce deep relaxation, or it can create a state of high adrenaline, depending on what the desired outcome should be.
  • Clients learn self-hypnosis to use between the sessions and after the end of the treatment, so that they can continue to feel the therapeutic benefits.
  • Creativity and personal self-expression is increased.
  • Hypnosis is a very safe, well established, scientifically proven and tested therapy.
  • CBH is based on well-established therapeutic methods such as CBT.

How Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy works

The first stage of a hypnotherapy session is the same as with CBT in terms of assessing the client’s concerns and needs, but it is much briefer.

The goals are determined collaboratively and then the therapist and client decide how they can be addressed and solved. A typical hypnotherapy session is based on the theory of CBT using hypnosis. Homework based on altering the clients’ attitude and thoughts is allocated between the sessions.

Hypnotherapy sessions are individualized and at the end of each session the client get a bespoke self-hypnosis recording that is used between the sessions and which is designed to increase relaxation and reinforce the desired outcome.