Why do people cheat?

Our sex expert Esther Perel has taken TED by storm once again with her brilliantly challenging talk on ‘rethinking infidelity: a talk for anyone who has ever loved’ 22 MAY 2015 } by Psychologies Do people who are happy in a relationship cheat? Why do people cheat? Why does infidelity in a digital age feel like ‘death from a thousand cuts’? Esther Perel, renown sex therapist and Psychologies’ sex expert says that often people don’t cheat because they are unhappy in a relationship. “When we seek the gaze of another, it isn’t always our partner that we are turning away from, but the person that we have ourselves become,” Perel says. “And it isn’t so much that we are looking for another person as much as we are looking for […]

Health fix: calming flare-ups

We try out a therapy, treatment or specialist retreat in a bid to solve an ongoing health issue – here Eminé Ali Rushton tackles eczema 23 MAY 2015 } by Eminé Ali Rushton ‘I had eczema as a child, but overcame it with dietary changes. In adulthood, I’m still prone to random flare-ups during periods of unusually high stress’ THE TREATMENTSI was allergy-tested as a child and cow’s milk came up through the roof. Once I cut that out, my eczema (and asthma) faded into oblivion. Recently, the link has been stress-related. I remember studying for finals at university and having an all-over body flare-up which surprised me. I had to use a steroid cream to calm it. The recent flare-up, on the palms of both hands (something I’d never […]

How to have a romantic summer holiday

Worried about how you and your partner will get on during your holiday? Don’t let stress, arguments and a lack of connection rain on your well-deserved summer break. Annie Kaszina shares her tips on making your summer break a romantic success 25 MAY 2015 } by Psychologies We’ve all been there… you’re both running on empty, looking forward to your summer break, just the two of you in the Tuscan countryside, no distractions, just you. But then you argue when you can’t find the villa. He keeps falling asleep, while you want to stay up and chat. And you want to just lounge by the pool while he’s urging you to go hiking and explore. Suddenly, the prospect of spending uninterrupted days – and nights – together begins to make […]

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