How to feel fulfilled

Here are five tips to help you feel fulfilled by Anamaya clinical psychotherapist, Jim O’Connor 28 MAY 2015 } by Psychologies 1. Start at the very beginning. The journey to fulfilment begins the moment you intend to learn how to lead a fulfilling life – what I call the fulfilment intention. The most fundamental motivation of your life is not to just exist, not to just struggle, but to learn how to create a fulfilling life. Then life stops being a scary world of struggles and difficulties, or a world of mediocrity and sameness, and becomes a world of endless possibilities. 2. Know what you’re looking for. Well, you already know what you’re looking for – fulfilment. But before you can recognise when you have, it helps to know what […]

‘I’m the only single person I know’

Our agony aunt, Mary Fenwick, offers a new perspective on your challenges and problems 27 MAY 2015 } by Psychologies My friend who, until recently, was the last single person in my friendship group, has just started dating someone, which makes me, more or less, the only single person I know now. She suggested that I shouldn’t have so many criteria when it comes to potential partners and perhaps that’s why I’m still single. Because all my friends are coupled up, I am spending more time with my mum, who also told me I’m being too fussy. I’ve taken these comments as a huge insult. It’s as if they think I should just take whoever comes along – I do desperately want to find someone, but I don’t see why […]

Infidelity – from both sides

What makes a person unfaithful? And does infidelity always wreck a marriage? Writer Wendy Plump has experienced both sides – as the betrayer and the betrayed – and has learned some surprising lessons. 19 FEBRUARY 2013 } by Psychologies I first met Steven on vacation, on a marina dock down in South Carolina, fresh off a fishing trip. It was 1990 and I was 29. Steven was 35, curly-haired and sun-streaked. His eyes were sharp green, like microdots, and his voice all southern honey. It was not only attraction I felt on seeing him. It was attraction on nitrous. We ended up leaving the dock that night and spending the next few days in rapturous togetherness. That would have been fine, except that I was married. And so was Steven. […]

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