This was my first experience with a therapist

‘This was my first experience with a therapist and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Kiki was personable and professional, I felt comfortable talking to her about the difficulties I was having. Kiki helped me understand myself and my experiences better during a difficult time, I would recommend her to anyone who would like somebody to talk to.’

I highly recommend Kiki

‘I highly recommend Kiki. For years, I have had issues that I had buried, and in just a few short weeks, she was able to identify them and call them out of the dark.  She is very in tune with her patients, and exceptionally good at identifying the key issues quickly. Her counsel was also very practical and easy to follow.  I saw her for a few months, and it will stand out as a turning point in my life.  Her advice is still with me daily, and I am now aware of the negative aspects of my psyche that kept me back in the past.  Seeing her is a life changing experience, and above all she is one of the friendliest, loveliest people I have met, and extremely easy […]

I have seen Kiki for over 2 years now

‘I have seen Kiki for over 2 years now and she has been an incredibly valuable addition to my life. Besides being extremely professional, she has improved my well-being by providing what I have considered to be important insight into my issues. She has always been honest and direct yet sensitive in the way she has analysed my life and relationships. I had tried other therapists in the past but had struggled to connect with them. This has been a different experience and one I would recommend to others.

Extremely helpful consultation

‘Extremely helpful consultation. Encourages you to take a step back, reorganise your thoughts and put any stressful situations into perspective. The sessions are very educational and totally personalised. You learn more about yourself, you can more easily identify and explain your feelings which helps you find solutions to what previously seemed to be an overwhelming and stressful process.’

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