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Pre-Marital Counselling


Are you thinking of getting married?

Counselling can help you create a stable foundation for your joined life


Marriage is a significant step in many people’s life and quite different from other stages of a romantic relationship. Starting a joined life with your loved one, is certainly very exciting and fulfilling but sharing a life with somebody else can also be very challenging at times.

How therapy can help

In pre-marital counselling you and your partner can discuss elements of your new joint life as a married couple. You will discuss how this transition can be achieved with success, how you can develop a stronger relationship in your new roles, as well, as weaknesses that might create problems in the future.

Other issues that many married people face are identifying common life goals, exploring mutual expectations, living arrangements, finances, sex life, children, step-families and children from previous marriages, as well as, dealing with in laws and other relatives.

If you want to create the foundations of a successful married life, contact me now.