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Divorce and Separation Counselling


Thinking about spilling up?


You might feel unhappy for a long time but you might not know if this is expected in long term relationships or not. You might have thoughts of separating but you are concerned about your children, you might have fears about finding another partner in the future or have other worries that overwhelm you.

Sometimes relationships do not have a happy end. The difficulties and differences can’t be resolved. You might feel that you tried everything in your power but there is still not a positive outcome. In those cases, getting a divorce or separating from your partner might be an unpleasant solution. Breaking up is not an easy process most of the times. It is common for the two partners to have different opinions about their differences and what the right solution is.

Counselling can help in any of these cases as it helps you to clarify your feelings and thoughts and provide you the tools to go through this stressful and sad situation.

Common problems:

  • fears about the future
  • finances and living arrangements
  • talking to your children
  • struggling with low self esteem
  • feelings overwhelmed

How Therapy can help

Therapy can help in different ways and in different stages. Therapy can help you to explore the reasons and thoughts behind a possible separation, while still living with your partner or after you decided to separate and you might not know how to announce your decision, as well as, after the divorce. People experience different thoughts, feelings and practical difficulties in these stages.

In counselling, you will be free in a safe environment to explore and be open with your concerns. You will get help clarifying what you feel and think as well as, ways to overcome obstacles. Getting help with difficult conversations, managing feelings of guilt, rejection, disappointment and fear is part of the therapeutic process.

You do not need to feel alone and scared. Fill in the contact form or contact me to discuss how I can help you.